Bihar Diwas 2018 , is celebrated with lots of Cultural events , programs , lectures and peoples from all over Bihar participate in this very happily and make this day a remarkable in the history of Bihar.Bihar is now one of the most developing states in India and peoples of bihar , political parties and business persons contributing  to make feel proud to be a part of Bihar. Patna the capital city of Bihar is now one of the top cities providing quality education and also giving maximum results in every sector in education field.

Our honourable Chief Minister Nitish Kumar also working very hard to take Bihar on the top of Indian states and for that regularly working for the welfare of the peoples of Biahr.

The movements like #No_Alcohol  #No_Dowry  #Education  working very well and was successful for the welfare of the peoples of Bihar.

Now its a great opportunity to be the part of this place and making this Bihar Diwas one of the biggest and remarkable event in India History.

In the Indian history , Bihar witnessed golden period and known as the land of Buddha , where prince gautam attained enlightment and the religion of Buddgism was born. It can be seen in Bodh gaya- a town in central Bihar.

Bihar is among one of the ancient places where many religions were born , republic movements were started , great conquerors were born in Bihar and under the leadership Bihar is one of the greatest palces in Indian History.

Another great religion was founded in Bihar know as Jainism , in Pawapuri near south east of patna , the capital of Bihar  led by Lord Mahavira and attained nirvana ( Death).


During British India , Bihar was governed from Calcutta under the presidency of Bengal.In 1912 , Bihar separated from Bengal as a single province.

Great Independence Struggle movements and leading participants were from Bihar contributing and fighting for the nation to be freed from British rule.

Bihar due to its assets lioke  geographical location , historical contributions , natural environmental conditions , mythological importance feel proud to be gifted by Time.


Bihar plays important roles  as per many aspects whether it is Indepence movements , Freedom fights , greatest freedom fighters in Indian history were from Bihar , Many ancient civiliasation were started in Bihar , Many kingdoms were in Bihar , Great political leaders were born in bihar.

The contribution of Bihar in Indian history will be recognized always and still in the modern time , Bihar continues its importance in terms of every contribution towards developing India and  its invaluable .

Bihar divas celebrated every year  on 22nd March and also known as Bihar Sthapana Diwas as on March 22nd 1912 , Bihar is carved out from Bengal presidency and it’s a public holiday in Bihar.

In Scotland , there is a city named Patna and also celebrate Bihar Diwas  there as many peoples from India were resident there.