We are now in a social media dominated world, and marketers and businesses are taking full advantage of it. However, this means that trends and the way of communication between brands and their customers are constantly changing. To increase conversions or improve ROI, brands need to make sure that they keep up with the latest trends. The popularity of social media continues to rise in 2017. The social media is here to stay, and a Top Social Media Marketing Company in Patna helps businesses to know what to do to capitalize on it and use the various platforms to their advantage.

For a company, maintaining constant engagement with the audience is the key to success. With the availability of different social apps and online mediums Tohelpyouout the best Digital Marketing firm introduces you the following social media trends of 2017.

  1. Live Streaming Videos

These days, sports events, presidential debates, and even personal events are streamed and shared online where engagement can happen in real time. With social media platforms like you tube, Periscope, Instagram stories and Facebook Live offers live videos, customers are captivated by seeing their product real time. It is now a welcome departure for pre-recorded video sessions which outlived their efficient phase in marketing.

  1. The Rise of Chatbots

The chatbots have been generating a lot of buzzes this year, and there is a valid reason for that. For the uninitiated, a chatbot is a service powered by rules and artificial intelligence that a person can interact via a chat interface. One of the best examples that gained attention are the chatbots that are embedded within Facebook Messenger. In 2017, we will witness businesses to take advantage of this to establish a strong relationship with their customers.

  1. Snapchat Evolution

An enormous evolution of Snapchat has transformed user expectations and major trends in the social marketing world. It is looking to develop products outside its main means of exchanging messages, and introduced real world glasses to help users capture first person visual information.

  1. Personalized Content

The need for personalized and relevant content and advertising delivery is becoming more important as the people are becoming less appreciative with traditional advertising. A relevant content not only helps consumers to recall a brand, but also prompts them to interact with the company more personally, and eventually converting them into loyal customers of the business.

With all these trends, there is a lot of progress and developments expected that will take place in the social media sphere in the next few months. Tohelpyouout, a top Social Media Marketing Company in Bihar helps you to keep up with these changes which give your business a competitive edge in the market, increase brand identity and greater online reputation.